One Billion People Worldwide Have Disabilities

Learn how to make sure everyone can access your website.

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Notable Facts

Benefits of Becoming Accessible

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    Greater Reach

    Generate more potential business by opening your site up to the 57 million Americans (1 billion worldwide) with disabilities.

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    SEO Boost

    Clear descriptors, text-based versions of media, and a straightforward site structure will make your website appear more for relevant search results.

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    Positive PR

    Taking action to implement these standards now, before they’re mandatory, will show the public that you care.

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Risks of Remaining Non-Accessible

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    Legal/Financial Penalties

    Face costly lawsuits - the highest public settlement so far hit $16 million.

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    Expedited Timelines

    If forced to update, it will be on the court’s timeline, not your own. This will get very expensive.

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    Lost Business

    About 20% of Americans (and 15% worldwide) have disabilities and will have trouble using your site if it’s not accessible.

Major Settlements and Targeted Industries

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A Team of Experts

Our experts have the experience, training and education to understand the core values associated with accessibility while maintaining a user-centric approach. Innate’s accessibility engineers are DHS certified trusted testers and have over 14 years of know-how with user experience. They are highly trained in the design, development and testing of internet, mobile and software applications.

ADA compliance is important, but accessibility is simply good business. We believe in websites that work for everybody – we hope you do too.

Devorah Firestone INNATE Accessibility Expert