Innate’s Accessibility Services

Chances are your website is full of accessibility issues.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most websites are NOT accessible to people with disabilities. Get Innate’s complimentary report on the most common web accessibility development mistakes, and make sure your site doesn’t fall into these traps.

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Service Tiers

Ready to remediate? Let Innate handle the process.

Tier 1 Base Assessment

  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Code & Content Review
  • Innate’s Improvement Roadmap

Tier 2 Audit and Actionable Roadmap

  • Up to 30 Pages
  • Code & Content Review
  • Custom UX and Optimization Guide
  • Mobile Assessment
  • Custom Style Guide
  • Final Audit

Tier 3 Annual Membership and Remediation

  • All Pages of Website
  • Code & Content Review
  • Custom UX and Optimization Guide
  • Mobile Assessment
  • Custom Style Guide
  • User-Testing
  • On-Demand Accessibility Updates
  • Innate Accessibility Certification
  • Final Audit
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Accessibility Best Practices

When you choose to update your website accessibility with Innate, you’ll be working with our team of experts.

Our experts use specialized accessibility validation tools to audit your website. We perform an extensive study of your organization’s unique needs, following the recommended W3C guidelines as well as other best practices.

Use ALT attributes to describe content of each visual element for equal information.
Provide captioning and transcripts of audio and descriptions of video to protect users from misunderstanding.
Ensure links are descriptive, useful and recognizable.
Create forms that can be properly read and used by assistive technology.
Page Organization and Semantics
Ensure headings, lists, and structures are executed correctly.
Graphs & Charts
Provide summary and accurate coding.
Scripts, applets, plug-ins
Ensure these elements meet user requirements and that their functions are explained.
Avoid using frames.
Use tables only for data (not page layout).
Online Documents
Confirm they are individually accessible.
User Experience Design
Avoid building mistakes that make applications difficult to use.